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    Question Illustrator Locked Down
    Sorry that my first post has to be a (possibly) simple question, but I am pretty stuck having never come across this before. I've been given an eps file from a client which looks to have been created in Illustrator (not sure which version but no more recent than CS1). When I open the file in Illustrator CS1 and CS2 the file is completely locked. The cursor icon turns into a pencil with a black line through it. Can someone please tell me how to unlock this file, or if it's not possible, and just for future reference, how to lock a file in this manner?!?

    Many thanks

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, eyedee.

    The only way I know a file can be locked is in the layers palette: you simply click on the lock icon and it will unlock the layer.

    Or it could be that the top target layer is hidden (set to invisible). That is easily fixed by going again to the Layer palette and make sure all the layers have the eye icon.

    Maybe someone with more experience with Illustrator has other ideas.

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    Thank for the welcome MacHeadCase. And thanks for solving my problem! As you can probably tell, I'm not that used to using illustrator yet. Thanks again.

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    Glad you got your problem solved!

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