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    I'm interested in making logo's etc with pictures and letters and tarting them up, can any one suggest software for achieving this.

    Thanks in advance for you response
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    A thread on the same subject was already posted:

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    In addition to getting the software, I suggest taking a course or two in design. To be perfectly honest, it's not much good having the software, if you don't have the know-how to match it. It'd be like spending the cash for a Ferrari, before getting your license. Know what I mean?

    I'd also suggest getting into some design magazines. Desktop and Monster Children are two great Aussie mags - may be available where you live. Computer Arts is another good one. I used to also get Design Graphics - which had good tips, and fantastic portfolio issues every now and then, which was always inspirational for me, as it showed top professional work in a huge variety of media. Don't know how they rank now, but worth checking out anyway.

    So instead of jumping into the software, be aware of what's out there and how it's done. Build up a small library of reference material, as it will reflect in your work.

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