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    Simple Image Preview - New Mac User
    Hope someone can help. New to Macs and as a pro photographer, love what they can do.

    Problem is, am very frustrated by not having an application that works like Windows Explorer that allows me to easily preview images and then delete them whee necessary.

    When I finish an assignment, the first thing I want to do is go through my images and delete the ones I don't want. How can this be easily done on Mac in the same way Windows Explorer allows?



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    I use Image Capture (it's installed already - look in your Applications folder) to download the images to a folder on your Desktop. Then when the downloads are complete Preview is launched and you get to see your photos and can delete any duds directly, by pressing Command + Delete.

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    Thanks, just tried Image Capture but it requires a device to be attached which is not always going to be the case as I dont review and delete as they are downloaded.

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    Switch the finder to column view and you'll see a little preview image when you select a photo.

    Or mark all the files you want to review, and hit apple+arrow up to open them in preview.

    Then select the image you want to delete and hit apple+backspace to delete the file.

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