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    New MacBook - trying to install a font in Font Book
    I'm trying to get some fonts over from my iMac to brand new MacBook.
    Most of my fonts I've downloaded free so I guess I can just go through that process again but I have one font called Remedy that was in a zip file
    that I transferred over andll the fonts in the folder have .bin extensions
    and I can't seem to get them into my font book. Any ideas? I am
    so lame about figuring this stuff out. Thank goodness you all are out there helping people like me!

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    Hi Annie524!

    For .bin files you will need Stuffit Expander to decompress those. And I'm sure that by now you know how to install fonts once they are decompressed? Just double-click on them? FontBook asks you if you want to nstall then and you just click he Install button.

    But may I suggest that, if you have many many fonts, that you use FontExplorer X? It works kinda like Extensis Suitcase but it's a freebie and it's more robust in handling fonts than Mac OS X's own built-in FontBook.

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