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    Question MacBook Pro Screen- Glossy or Not? For Design Work
    Hey there I'm looking to get a 15in MacBook Pro for my graphic design work for school, and I've had many opinions and advice about the glossy screen apple offers or the normal non-glossy screen.

    I've heard that glossy is better for design work, but then I've also heard that in the glossy screen the colors don't match even if you create the right color profile for the screen. I was looking for a large group of peoples advice on this matter, this is the first time I'm buy a Mac so I want to get the best for what I will be using it for.

    Any advice is welcome, I just want to make sure my new computer will benefit my graphic design work, not hinder it.


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    If you're doing design work, I would go for the regular screen- the colors will be more accurate, I think.

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    Both are perfectly capable of doing design work with accurate results. Anyone who tells you that one is more accurate than the other is simply stating opinion - that's because what you see on the screen is 100% irrelevant when it comes to the final product.

    If you use a laptop as it was intended to be (mobile), then you are breaking one of the cardinal rules of color management - which is working in a controlled environment, with controlled and consistent lighting.

    FWIW, I do design for a living and my next laptop will be with the glossy screen.
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    I have regular screen on my MBP and a glossy screen on my Asus laptop. Only real difference I can see is that the glossy screen is more affected by reflections from light sources such as windows or bright lights.
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    Depends on your working environment. The colors "pop" more on a glossy screen, which for me makes it more fun to work on because it looks better. The matte, however, doesn't have the reflection problems that the glossy does. At the store, the glossy screen looks better than the matte screen. My previous laptop was matte and the two before that were glossy. Although I like the matte for keeping reflections down, I prefer the look of glossy. A bit more of a pain to deal with but I feel the benefits are better. From one designer to another.
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    I had the Powerbook with the matt screen but when I upgraded to the Macbook Pro with the glossy screen I found that colours did "pop" and working with colours was a lot easier as you could differentiate between colours more easily (especially blacks). I do lots of graphic design work especially design for print but also some moving image and the glossy screen is fine. I didn't have that much trouble with the glossy screen reflecting that much, not as much as my brothers Sony Vaio where it is really difficult to see the screen in daylight. On a side note I now use a Dell 24' monitor for most of my work that has a matt screen (its really more about the screen size) so its really personal preference. Like previous people have said go down to you Apple or computer store and check them out yourself.
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