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    Photoshop CS: Cutting out a head and putting it on a different body
    Hello Everyone,

    Im using adobe photoshop CS for mac and im trying to cut out a head and paste it on another body, and i can use the lasso thing and cut out the heads fine, but when i go to paste the head onto the other body, the head is huge because of a size difference obviously, and im not sure how i resize the head so it will fit on the body.

    Sorry if that wasnt very descriptive, but im new to photoshop.



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    can't think of the terms off the top of my head, i've only got photoshop elements on my macbook, but you should be able to select only the layer with the head and use the transform tools to rotate, skew and scale the head to suit the body. you may be better off to also move the head layer below the body layer and erase the bits from the top layer to show only what you need to.
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    Once you've got the head selected/copied/pasted, it should be on a new layer. Zoom out a little bit so you can see the whole head, if you can't already. Make sure you've selected the head layer, then hit apple-T (for transform) and click and drag on the corner boxes while holding shift to resize it keeping the proportions the same. You can also move it while transforming. Hit enter when you've got the right size.

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    YES! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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    I once used scissors to cut out a guy's eyes (it was a head shot! Not real eyes!) and pasted them on another head shot because he had blinked when the flash went off. And I had run out of film, so I couldn't take another pic as insurance against it. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone!)

    I wish I had Photoshop when I changed an official's head to a bowling ball.

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