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    many apps on a macbook
    hey everybody .. i'm a graphic designer and i decided to get the macbook with 2.0 processor, 1 G ram and 120 G hard disk ..
    the question .. is this macbook good enough to run several apps. like photoshop, illustrator or indesign at the same time without any problems ???
    and what about the video card, is it not good to the graphic designers ( not the 3d graphic designers ) ?? plzzzzzzzzzz help me before i get it ..

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    it will. It will be smoother with more ram
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    Well for me when im designing i usually have photoshop, dreamweaver, firefox, msn messenger and maybe itunes all running fine. (mostly doing webpages or photoediting)

    i have the same specs you mentioned (stock black c2d 2.0) and using CS3 P/s and Dreamweaver

    i think you will be fine for what you want, if not just upgrade the ram
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    yeah, CS3 on intel macs is silky smooth to work with. Using it on my macbook, even just switching between apps is done in a flash. Creating PDf's from Indesign is much faster. It should easily handle photoshop, illustrator and indesign at the same time. There should be very little slow down at all. I'm on 1gig of ram, and I had no problems. The first few days, I had my jaw open, just saying "wow" at every new thing I discovered, and noticing all the performance improvements.

    The only problem I have with CS3 at this stage, is that Acrobat seems to get lonely when it's open. You open a PDF in the background, the dock icon bounces, you close a PDF and switch apps, the dock icon bounces, you do nothing at all, and the dock icon bounces I think it's trying to say "Hey! I have great new features too! Heyyyy! Why aren't you watching me?"

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    Sorry, I don't know - am always flabbergasted by those that want to load high end software and video apps on the cheapest hardware they can find. Especially business owners.

    Personally, have found through the years the money spent on the best tools for my job have always paid for themselves many times over. Especially in terms of labor. And in business, time is money. This does not mean the most expensive, but rather, after appropriate research, the best tool for the job.

    Why ask will this cheapest tool do the job? The question should be, what is the best tool for the job. The one that is going to make me money in the long run. This really is an investment in your business. Are you confident of your business? When others see your equipment, they see what you invest in yourself and the work you do for them.

    edit: Don't mean to get on your case. But rather, just to stop and think it through a little more.
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    So CS3 runs well on the C2D Macbook (not Pro) with 2GB RAM?

    Good news, indeed.
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