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    iView Media Pro - MS Expressions Media.
    So I've been looking for something to use for viewing and sorting my pictures as well, since coming to macs I really miss picasa. It searched my PC and brought in all of my pictures in the folders I'd put them in, and that was perfect.

    I just did some looking on the web at iView Media Pro, soon to be Microsoft Expressions Media. I downloaded trial copies of each and played around a little bit. They look pretty much identical which is what you would expect. But look at the difference in price. You can download iView Media Pro for $99 USD, whereas Microsoft's suggested retail price for MS Expressions Media on their Mac downloads page is $299! YIKES! WTF? Excuse my language but jeez... However, for a short time when you buy iView Media Pro you get a FREE upgrade to MS Expressions Media, free that is until the end of July 2007. Then they are going to start charging $99 to upgrade.

    How can they call it an upgrade when you are basically getting the program you already have in iView Media Pro?

    Anyway, price aside, I think it looks like a nice program. It opens your photos from where you have them stored, it doesn't copy them into a separate database like iPhoto does, and it looks simple and the interface is attractive. IMO.

    So if I fork over $99 USD right now, I can get iView Media Pro and upgrade for free to Expressions... it's kind of strange but that's what they're offering.

    What do you iView Media Pro users think of this application? Are you going to upgrade to MS Expressions? What would be the benefit of upgrading to MS Expressions? I guess for future support and downloads...


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    Ohhh, Qpict
    I just downloaded and installed the trial version of Qpict from and it seems like it might do just what a fella might need, sort of reminds me of picasa a little, too! Except as far as I can see it doesn't have any editing abilities. -- $35 USD.

    Does anyone have any input on either of these?

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    I've been using iView Media Pro for a few weeks now as it came in a bundle with Capture One Pro, the program fills a good gap in my workflow and works as it should. I've read many reviews of the program and it is supposedly one of the fastest media viewers out, and I prefer the way it uses catalogues as apposed to folders used in Bridge.

    If the program fits in with your needs, purchase it now and get the free upgrade, Im not too sure what the update will include but the program functions very well already.

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