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    Photoshop won't open from Icons...?
    I have Photoshop CS installed on my Imac G5. I've recently upgraded to OS X 10.4.9. and since then I can't open Photoshop documents by clicking on their icons on the desktop. Instead I have to (laboriously) scroll down through the File>Open> menu. Any ideas how I can fix this?

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    Do a Get Info (click once on a document, then press Command-key I). Go to the bottom, where it says Open With, and change it to Photoshop. Then click the Change All... button.

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    What happens when you double click a Photoshop document? Does it open Photoshop but not display the file? Or does it do something else?

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    Welcome to Mac-forums, bretwalda007.

    If what Browny or Sherman suggest doesn't work and if you haven't let the Mac run the built-in maintenance tasks (or manually run them via software) for a while, it could be the LaunchServices that is a bit wonky. Check this post out and try that. Then report back to let us know how it goes.

    I hope this works for you.

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    thanks for the replies, I've tried all the above suggestions and still no joy.

    Sherman Homan you are right: when I double click an icon the photoshop application opens but no document window.

    Most annoying. Any more ideas gratefully received.

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