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Thread: looking for a scanner

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    looking for a scanner
    I need to digitize/archive my slide collection and several family photos, and the odd neg as well. I am considering the Epson 4490 Perfection scanner, but I've read that it is not entirely compatible with Mac. Has anyone used this model? Any other suggestions for a scanner in the $200-$300 ($CAN) price range?

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    Epson has a horrible track-record of software support on the Mac over the years, though their hardware is generally pretty darn good.

    Unfortunately, they're probably going to be one of the few choices you have wanting neg scanning capabilities.
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    I need to do the same thing and have heard good things about this scanner. It's Mac compatible and has FARE which is similar to Epson's ICE software. The Epson you highlighted is a good unit but I've heard about compatibility issues as well.

    This might be more in your price range. I'm thinking of getting this one next week.

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    I picked up the Epson 4990 refurbished last month and so far have been happy with its scanning, have only scanned in a few 35mm slides and prints. I tried to do a few 120 roll negatives but that did not go so well, need to do some reading and try again soon. I was getting messages about the size of my disk not being large enough....something is screwy there.

    Here is a link to the refurb. you get a warranty and save quite a bit.

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    I can't offer an opinion about that model, but I do have an Epson all-in-one with scanner ~ the Stylus CX5000. I've had zero compatibility/software issues, fwiw.
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    Thanks for your responses. It looks like I'll go with the Canon Canoscan 8600F. Any other ideas?

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