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    Intermidate Photo editing and managment software - advice needed
    I've recently switched to Mac from PC and recently upgraded to shooting my digital photos with a much nicer digital SLR. I've been using iPhoto until this change, but as I'm now using RAW format for pictures, that doesn't work as well. So I'm presently using the software that came with the camera...which is nice -- but extremely limited. I'd like to have some software with a little additional functionality -- the ability to edit raw photos, the ability to work in layers, etc....but I'm not sure that I need the full-blown functionality of photoshop.

    I'm wondering if there are others in a similar spot, and what software they're using to edit photos. I'm also beginning to have issues with file mgmt.

    Do people really love aperture and is it worth the $$ for a serious hobbiest, vs. a pro?

    Is there a real advantage to using organizational software sush as aperture vs. creating workflows in automator for a non professional?

    Does photoshop elements have the ability to work in layers?

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    Apple's Aperture isn't the only kid on the block for editing RAW photos. You could give Adobe Lightroom at try.

    Both apps really are meant for professionals - but if you're serious enough to shoot everything in RAW format, then you probably should invest in one of the apps.

    Elements can work with layers, but it's a very limited version of the full Photoshop. Again, if you're shooting with RAW, you should probably spring for a full Photoshop.
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