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    Upgrading Creative Suite
    If you have an upgrade version of Creative Suite CS2, having upgraded from one piece of software, eg photoshop, are you able to then upgrade from that CS2 with an upgrade version of Creative Suite CS3?

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    You should be able to.

    There is somewhere in the Adobe online store, that you put in what you already have and it tells you what you can upgrade too.

    If all else fails give Customer Service a call and they will help you out.
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    You will be able to upgrade just fine.

    In fact, that's exactly what I did. I went from a stand-alone version of Photoshop, to the Design Bundle, to CS1 to CS2 and now to CS3.
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    And if you ever had downloaded the CS3 Beta be sure to go onto and read the instructions for removing it before you go to install CS3.


    Also, if you did drag CS3 Beta to the trash because you did not read the PDF file that came with it (like I did not read it ) then do a search for the CS3 removal script and download that from to save yourself a worked like a charm.

    Oh, and CS3 runs soooo much better on the intel macs than running CS2

    New servers, much faster than before

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