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    Resizing multiple images at once
    I'm new to Macs (Just got a new MacBook and LOVE it)....Anyways, I need a way to resize multiple images (anywhere from 5-100) either from within iPhoto or Gimp, as those are all I have to use. I know there's gotta be a way.......? Right?

    Also, is there a way to preview your pictures in Finder when just looking through your hard disk? I can see icons, but no picture previews, which is a little frustrating, because I have to simply guess what picture is what, and then when I click on a picture to open it in "Preview", I can not find a fay to click through to the "Next" or "Previous" picture...ARRRGGHHH!!! Thanks.

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    Ther may be a batch job in Automator for what you want. However I've never done it .
    For the 2nd part of you question you can make a browser which works system wide with this Automator workflow. I use it all the time

    Just follow the easy instructions

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    also you can just select the pictures you want in iPhoto, click on File -> Export and select a size for resizing. Works great for me!

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    This should help you...

    To change the size or name of the script I made (in the link above) just open the it in Script Editor and you'll easily see what to change in order to make it customized to your needs.

    The entire thread from the above link can be seen HERE.

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