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    Is there a "How to" DVD for all the mac programs?
    I just bought my Mac a few months ago, and though I can do all the basics, like surf the web, download songs, burn a CD ect. I really want to know about the other programs like the iDVD, iMovie. I'd really like to make professional slideshows/movies with wedding pictures and stuff like that. I know you can do the one on one classes at the Apple store but it's too far away from my house. Does anyone know if there is some kind of tutuorial DVD that I can watch someone navigate through those programs and really show you how to use them to their full potiential. I just can't grasp everything from reading manuals. Thanks, Rachel

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    This could be a start for getting used to OS X
    Some nice vids there. They're kinda slow, but could prove useful.

    You could probably search for some specific app tutorials, or just check the Help section in each app. I think that once your somewhat familiar with one, all the others will make more sense, as most Apple applications are structured in similar ways in terms of terminology, navigation and most tasks and operations. For example, adding songs to a playlist in iTunes, and adding photos to an album in iPhoto, may be done exactly the same way. Things such as 'drag and drop' speed up almost all tasks, and allow you to solve problems with logic.

    My point is, the familiar you become with OS X, the more familiar you'll become with other apps, as the logic of one app can be applied to another. So by discovering something in one app, you'll open more possibilities in another. You should find that problem solving becomes much easier, as a kind of 'mac instinct' takes over.

    Anyway, here's a couple more links I came up with.

    This site also appears to have some nice tips

    Best of luck!

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    The atomiclearning website was very helpful! Thank you

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