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    Question DVD-R burnt on G5 not read by other computers
    Damsel in distress! I've been burning CDs on my G5 PowerPC for a year now with zero problems. I just burnt my first DVD-R discs (Apple brand) the exact same way and all seems fine - when I open the burnt discs I see all images. I sent these discs off to three different clients and all of them say their discs are empty? What am I doing wrong? How do I successfully burn DVDs so other computers can read them? HUGE THANKS! Ms. Mac

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    I didn't know Apple made DVDs. Have you tried a different brand? What program are you using to burn them?

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    Another issue may be their readers, some drives will not read DVD-R's. I found this to be true when sending disks to some clients and now will ask them which format disk they know they can read before preparing the disc.

    The problem is generally when they have older systems that do not have "Super" drives that read/write both the -r and +r formats.

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