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Thread: How can I the comments sections in iphoto?

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    How can I the comments sections in iphoto?
    I am doing a retirement project for a co-worker whereas all the staff pictures were taken and comments were given to our beloved going away staff.

    I was given the task of putting all the pictures together and setting up a nice slide show with music on staff pics and comments to be shown this Friday. I wanted to add comments to the pics on iphotos but it doesnt give me that options.

    In iDVd , I can add a slideshow by clicking on the + sign and that takes in to the slideshow whereas i can use features like comments, add music and loop it to play ongoing. For comments, I go to setting and click on see titles and commetns. However, the function I lose is the Ken Burns affects.

    Anyone knows how I can add the Ken Burns affects?

    Is this the best way of doing this?


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    Jul 27, 2005
    no one has any idea?

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