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    Posting Photos on Web
    How do you go about posting photos to a web board? I usually use Shutterfly, and copy and paste the photos onto the board - but Shutterfly won't let me copy and paste the photo?

    What is the easiest way to go about this?


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    Upload the images to the internet... then right click the image... then click "copy image address".. on ie, you would need to click "properties" then manually copy the address...

    Now on the forum (web boards) click the little yellow icon that has what looks to be mountains in it.... paste the image address into the pop-up window... click okay.... click submit reply... and your are all set.

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    Got a mac? Try QuickshareIt to speed up the painful uploading part.
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    I use imageshack

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    How do I right click with this MAC mouse???

    Sorry, I am a super newbie with this! I have hundreds of photos on Shutterfly, so I'd rather keep using that...

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    If you have an Apple Mighty Mouse, it's the same as any multi-button mouse, you right-click.

    If you have an older Mac with an Apple Pro mouse, simply hold down the Control key as you click, this will make the Contextual Menu appear.

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    You can hit the "Quote" button for this one and it will show you how the code is typed with the image IMG "tags"

    New servers, much faster than before

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