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    Cant save/find altered pictures on iPhoto
    Could someone please help. I try to alter, crop, enahnce etc digital photos on iPhoto but they never seem to be saved anywhere.

    I open the photo, alter it and then press DONE to save - is this correct? I can't seem to find a SAVE button. DoI have to export to save it. Nothing seems to save my altered pictures. I know I am doing something very basic that is wrong....

    What is the process to actually save changes you made to pics? And where are those saved pics located?

    Ibu Liz

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    Sorry, never use iPhoto but will give you a bump back up to the top.

    New servers, much faster than before

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    If I remember correctly... the default in iPhoto is to change the ORIGINAL... After you have made the changes, and click done... it will pop-up a "saving Changes" window.... Go into the iPhoto Library and open the photo again... the changes you made should show.

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    Yeah, iPhoto saves changes when you hit done.

    But it ALWAYS works non-destructively:
    It actually saves a copy of the original image and also of the altered picture. Right-click an image and select 'revert to original' if you want your original back.

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