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    CocoViewX - Image Viewer, Web Page Gallery Builder
    In a thread titled "EXIF Data ???" there is a real gem buried deep in the responses. It is so useful I thought I would bring up to the surface in its own thread.

    MacHeadCase points us to a wonderful app I have never heard of before called CocoViewX. This app might be dismissed as "just another image viewer for Macs", but it is much more than that.

    To me, the most impressive capability of this app is its ability to build HTML image gallery web pages from a folder of images. It lets you control all the key aspects, like the size of the thumbnails and the size of the main images, and produces marvellously tight, simple HTML code in support of this. If you don't like the format it uses, it's generated HTML is so simple that you can go in and add/subtract/change formatting really easily. As the British would say, it is a doddle. Compare this to what iWeb generates (along with the restrictions that iWeb places on image size) and you will see what I mean.

    This is the best HTML image gallery builder I have run across to date. I would highly recommend it, and I again commend MacHeadCase for bringing it to our attention!
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    You like it too, hunh? Sure glad you do!

    I'm thinking I'm going to make this my image browser app instead of Canon's wonky ImageBrowser application.

    I just like the way it works!

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