hey guys

Got a bit of a problem. I HAD an epson stylus 5000, but my genius sister kicked the paper tray, busted gears on the gear train, and after a month of following the service manual step by step, i couldnt fix it. So it sat, and now im looking to get a similar printer..probably ebay.

What i liked about this was the 13"x19" printing, quality was good, but i LOVED the bulk it could do. Could refill a cartridge no problem with whatever random ink i had laying around...so i guess i used it more for its bulk than its portraits but that got pleanty of use too.

So id ike to know, are there any printers out there similar to this? i dont care how its obsolete, i just need another workhorse around the house thats cheap to refill like that but offers the wide printing.

Thanks in advance!