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Thread: Basic FONT issues...urgh!!

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    Question Basic FONT issues...urgh!!
    I downloaded a new font, double-clicked it, and installed it. A while later I realized that on some webpages that font had suddenly become my 'default' font.....

    I went to my 'Font Book' and under the 'Web' collection if I disable this new font the web fonts go back to normal, but I want to be able to use the new font in my other applications....also if I go into the FireFox 'Preferences' tab and look under 'Fonts..' it says that my web font is 'Time'...why is the new font overriding my browser's font, and how can I prevent/change that?


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    I think you could use OnyX or MainMenu to clean out the Font cache. This might help the mayhem happening with your fonts. I am not savvy enough to tell you why this font shows up only in the «Web» collection though.

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