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    Mac Mini + Screen = Confused me!
    Hi there,

    I am designer considaring getting a Mac Mini in which to run CS2.
    My current machine is an old G3 iBook, so *anything* would be an improvement on that! But I dont want another laptop, and cannot afford a tower, and I liked to portability and flexibility of choosing a screen, over the iMac. Is a Mac Mini a wise choice for a heavy duty photoshop user with budget constraints?

    Secondly, I need a bit of guidance regarding screens. I can't afford an Apple Cinema (as much as I would love one!), so after doing a little research, I figured either a Dell or a Formac 19" or 20"...however, colour calibration is pretty important, so I need something reliable! I would have chosen a Dell for its good price, but I keep reading horror stories about it being too bright and/or uneven, depending on the angle it is set at.

    Any help with my choices much appreciated.

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    I can't comment on the monitors, but if you are going to be running CS2 (which is not Universal) on a Mini (which isn't meant for anything like that) you probably will experience extreame slowdowns. If you can't afford a Mac Pro and a laptop isn't an option, then I suggest you look at the iMacs. An 20" iMac will put you back $1500- $1000 less than the Mac Pro and it includes a screen.

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    Yep CS2 is going to be a lot slower on anything you get that is Intel until they come out with CS3. I run so many intense apps on my ibook. Don't underestimate the Mini though. It is no slouch. If I were you though I would just go for iMac. I know you want a separate screen but it isn't all that bad. I would get a Dell for monitor. Since you don't want a laptop and are on a budget why not get a G4 Powermac. It will be cheaper and we still have them at my school so I know. Runs CS2 like a pro.

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    Since you are running an ibook g3, I will tell you go for the mini. I say this because you said it best "anything would be an improvement" and this is true. The mini might not be fast running cs2 in rosetta, but it sure would not be bad compared to the g3. Once cs3 comes out you will be running photoshop so fast you will be so happy you bought a new computer.
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