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Thread: Do Nikkor lenses only work with Nikon

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    Do Nikkor lenses only work with Nikon
    Pardon my ignorance...
    I have a Nikon N65 and I love it. I also have a point and shoot digital camera. I'm looking to combine the two worlds and get a digital SLR. I've been holding back because of the cost...then I had an idea. I realized that I could get just the camera body and then use the lens off my N65. Then I got to thinking, do I need to get a Nikon or will Nikkor lenses work with any other cameras. I've been mainly looking at the D50 because of my price range. However can I be looking at other brands. When they say that the Nikkor lenses only work with Nikon is that the same as a car company saying that you should only buy their parts for your car, when in fact another brand will work just as good if not better?

    For the record, the reason I want a digital SLR is because I'm trying to get back into photography. I had taken classes back when I was in school and I want a camera that will allow me more adjustment options.

    Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated

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    hmm, I'm pretty sure the most (if not all) Nikon/Nikkor (whichever is correct if they're the same thing) will work for Nikon DSLR's. One thing though, is that I think the new lenses have some kind of chip in them which enables more advanced features with the camera. A lens without the chip won't be able to perform those features. It'll still work of course, just not be able to perform some features. I'm not sure what those features are though - something to do with colour profiles or autofocus or something like that.

    I hired a D70s from my uni a while back, and it mentioned that in the manual, so I really can't recall accurately now. /rambling

    Anyway, yes, you should be able to use those lenses. Just go to a camera shop to be 100% sure. Perhaps if you take the lens in, they could even let you try it on a D50 body? I don't think other brand lenses would work at all on Nikon DSLR's. For example, I highly doubt a Canon lens would.

    Check out the lenses under Accessories for the D50 here, see if yours is listed.

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    Yes, any lens you have that works on the N65 will work in the same manner on the D50. Your field of view will be different, however they will meter and either be autofocus or manual focus in the same manner.

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