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Thread: jpg images on jump drive corrupt

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    jpg images on jump drive corrupt
    i cannot seem to open several jpeg images on my samsung jumpdrive,
    I copied the items from a g3..they worked for a while now when i click them they come up cannot be read or can i get them to please
    appreciate it

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    What computer are you trying to view them on?

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    Yeah if you are going from a mac to a pc then there are two files that are made, a (.)file and another file thast is the same but with no dot in front of it..

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    using macbook os x
    came from version 9.2.1 g3 tower

    any to get them open ?

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    select one and press command+I and have a look at the application thats selected to open the image.

    It should either be Preview or iPhoto or maybe another image program you have installed.

    Also have a look at what it says after 'Kind' in the Get Info window.

    From where exactly on the G3 (PhotoShop etc) did you export the images before putting them on the usb drive.

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    If they worked for a while, as the original poster said in the original post, then they were OK when they came across. So, something has happened since then.

    Presumably they are still on the jump drive from how the post reads. Could that drive be failing? It would be the simplest and most direct cause.

    Do you still have access to the originals? Can you just copy them again? Alternately, can you copy them off of the jump drive and onto your Mac successfully? Can you open them there?
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    jump drive update
    ive done a check info on a particular file
    the files came from regular folder where they were jpegs

    kind : it's a jpeg 323 kb
    Open with : it says preview

    tried dragging jpeg image to desktop on macbook will not open...corrupt or format that preview doesn't recognize

    really appreciate any help or software that anyone has used in this same situation to help me cover these images


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