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    CAD+Mac Pro
    I'm currently an engineering student with focus on drafting and design and will be starting core classes soon and was thinking about getting a Mac Pro for it. I already own a couple other macs so it's not really a PC vs. Mac thing, it's more of a, are there programs around that support what I'll be doing?

    As it's looking it's MUCH more cost effective to buy a MacPro than to build it myself, as it costs around 3k to build and 2.5kish from apple. Plus if I build it I don't get OSX. BUT if I do get the Mac Pro, what are my options for software? I'm not sure what all my classes use but I do know for some of them we are given free software to install on home computers. I'm fairly certain it's all autodesk software, which of course is windows based.

    Kinda a second part to my question is should a mac with boot camp for my windows software perform just as well if I built the same system with windows on it? I haven't gotten a chance to use or see bootcamp yet, and considering I need a beefy system to do what I will need it to, it would be important to me.

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    I don't see why the CAD programs would work any worse on your Mac running bootcamp, so i think it would be fine. That being said, I have been doing Mechanical design for the past 11 years and the fact of the matter is, the main CAD software companies just do not make their programs for the MAC os (Autodesk/Solid Works/Unigraphics etc.)

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    Alright, well looks like I'll be getting the Mac Pro then

    It's just the cheapest solution around for as powerful as it is

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