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Thread: Aperture or Adobe?

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    Aperture or Adobe?

    I'm looking for a new personal photoshop software as I've found a passion for photography. Just as I have my new SLR on order, I'm looking to buy a good photoshop package.

    Having used Adobe (Elements) before, athough I haven't tried Aperture, does anyone recommend which would be the best for most photographical desires (not professionally)?

    Since I own a Mac, I was considering taking advantage of Apple's Aperture software, rather than Adobe, but I'm unsure which of the two to go for.



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    Aperture can be great if you take alot of pictures and need to rearrange them etc..
    RAW editing and containers that can be exported to any other mac with Aperture, If you need to eays work flow with like 50+ images then Aperture i recommend, however if you want to handle a few here and now and preffer the price then Adobe Elements.

    Dont forget that with Aperture you can create customs books from there print service.

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    i would go for apple's apperture

    i havnt used it but from the videos i have seen i think it is better if you are going to be dealing with a lot of photos,

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    Which program is cheaper?

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    I must disagree with the preponderance of posts on this to date. Aperture and Elements address different parts of the workflow. While Aperture does have editing capabilities, these are not as advanced as those of Elements. Elements is a subset of Photoshop itself and a very powerful subset at that. Elements is a fabulous image editor. Aperture is a fabulous image organizer. Think of it as iPhoto on steroids.

    I think the question is not one of "Aperture OR Elements" but rather one of "Aperature AND Elements". Both are very useful and they are complimentary. I would start with Elements, and one or two of the many excellent books on its usage, and then move on to Aperture as your body of work grows and you need more sophisticated image organization and management tools.

    By the way, I would strongly recommend Scott Kelby's excellent book "Photoshop Elements IV Book for Digital Photographers". An EXCELLENT volume.
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    I agree completely with Mac57. I would also suggest looking at the freeware available, Picassa and GIMP.

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    Just nitpicking here.....

    Aperture is an application.
    Adobe is not an application, but rather it is a company that makes several applications.

    If you were looking for a comparison between two applications, you should refer to each application by name... not one application and one company.
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    Aperture and photoshop are 2 diffrent programs. aperture is more of a raw workflow program, where as photoshop is a hardcore editing program that you can to thousands of things with. im a fan of cs2 and it runs prefectly fine on my mbp 17 with 2 gigs of ram.
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    As stated a couple of times above, Aperture is not an alternative to, nor is it meant to be an alternative to a good photo editing software. It is designed to be a digital image workflow manager that compliments your editing software. It has excellent conversion and editing controls, but has limitations in that area where a program like PS CS2 or PSE pick up. To go into all of the differences would be to much for this post.

    First, I highly recommend learning your photo editing program very well. Second, if you have an Apple store in your area, see if they offer an Aperture class, as many or starting to do. This will help you learn what it can and cannot, or is not designed, to do. An option would be to get Ben Long's book "Real World Aperture."

    I currently use Aperture in conjunction with PSCS2 and I am quickly learning the versatility of this well designed program. Being able to create an edited version, without actually creating a second image file, that can be sent to a potential buyer is a huge plus. As are many of its other functions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonzaisushi
    im a fan of cs2 and it runs prefectly fine on my mbp 17 with 2 gigs of ram.
    Bonzaisushi, you say that as if 2gigs is barely enough...of COURSE it runs on 2gigs, it will run on 512mb very smoothly....and 1.5gig is generous.

    Why not download the free thirty-day trial of Photoshop and see how you like it?

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