Keep in mind I am new to computer graphics and I am working on this at a hobby/learning level right now. Things like open GL and other terminology take a while to figure out.

I recently switched to Mac and bought a Mac Pro. I am trying to do some 3d graphics work and am having porblems getting Blender to run. I ahve downloaded the program from 3 different mirror sites and always the the same problem shows up. When I begin the program the program window is all pixelated and the buttons don't show until the mouse pointer passes over them and even then they are pretty useless. I have read several threads on several different forum sites and am getting the idea that the problem may be due to video drivers. I have the Nvidia 7300 that came with the Mac Pro for right now. I have had no luck finding updated drivers or even anybody to tell me if I am heading down the right path as all the posts I can find are a little old. Thanks for any help or nudges in the right direction.

Also is there anything out there as good or better than Blender that might work for me that is cheap/free. I have heard of Maya but their learning edition talks about a watermark over anything created and that doesn't sound very appealing to me if I can learn something with out one. I am mostly interested in creating static 3-d scenes for now as well as lanscapes.