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Thread: aperture help

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    aperture help
    any photographers or aperture experts on line to help?

    my brother is an artist, and photgrapher who uses aperture
    he tells me that aperture offered an update which he took,
    then it asked him for his serial number which he gave, it was rejected
    saying it could not be used. he is now locked out and can't get access
    to all his work including thousands of photo's. would anyone be able to
    offer help on line, we're not near a store and intend calling apple but he
    does'nt have applecare.
    any help or guidance would be appreciated
    kind regards

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    Well, you don't need AppleCare to call about software (especially if it's less then a year old) so I would call Apple and get it sorted out. But if he REALLY needs his work NOW and doesn't have time to sort it out then I would go on google and look for a site where he can get a pirated serial number. But do call Apple and get it sorted out we (and I) do not support piracy.

    Good luck to your brother

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