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    Meatball Jones
    Question New to Macs, Looking for digital software.
    This is my first Mac, and I'd like to get back to editing my digital images like I did before on our old PC. (Had my Mac for about a week now)
    I do have Adobe Photoshop Elements, but I'm looking for something a bit more on the um... "cheesy" side maybe?..
    I wanted the Elements because I like to go in to each photo and re-touch the face, or remove unwanted blemishes and such... but this photoshop seems to lack the "junk" that I was using when I had the software on the PC...
    I used to use Microsoft Digital Image Pro.
    Most of the people I am editing pictures for want "scrapbooky" (is that a word?) type things done to their photos.
    I do a lot of sports pictures and people just love these fake magazine covers and trading cards. They also love the beveled frames, frames with text, brush stroke edges, and silly text I was adding to pictures.
    Are there any programs for Mac, that already have these templates and frames without having to make them from scratch?
    It seems to me that I have to make almost 8 layers or more just to get a cutsie Cheer picture done and if I want special edges...the Elements edges are very thin and I honestly can't figure out if I can make them thicker or not...They just don't seem workable.
    Any ideas for another program I could use to get these other effects? (something 100 bucks or less?)
    I just work freelance right now, but I have a team of 10 girls wanting pictures here in about a week.
    Any advice will be helpful. Thank You.

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    You could try iBeenFramed by Script Software

    I haven't used it, but it looks pretty close to what you are talking about and it's shareware so you can test it out first

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