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Thread: How to get photos on Mac - wirelessly?..

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    How to get photos on Mac - wirelessly?..
    A co worker of mine, our Company photographer just got a Macbook Pro ( Company paid). He wants to be able to take photos and have them load to the Mac immediately. He says he saw this demonstrated at a meeting he attended.

    Does anyone know of any software that lets you do this? Would a bluetooth camara be necessary? I think he uses a Nikon T200? or maybe D200?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Obviously if you want to do the tfr via bluetooth then a bluetooth camera would be needed.

    The method I use is a 1 gig USB S/D car from San Disk. Its a normal size SD card that fits in the camera, remove it from the camera and snap it in half to reveal a connection which plugs directly in to your usb, as im currently on Windows XP, then all I do is Explore, hit the SD card path and my pics appear, I then drag and drop them to my files. It take a matter of minues and I love it!

    Hers a pic

    And a small review

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    I have a Nikon Coolpix camera and it is WiFi enabled. The way it works on my Nikon, is you load the management software for the camera on your Mac (worked on my HP as well), configure the camera for your network (or set up a peer to peer connection), and set your transfer mode. I usually take the pictures and save them to the SD card, then upload them wirelessly rather than pull out the SD adapter or plug in the USB cable.

    OT: An SD card reader would have been a great addition to the iMac. I have a 9 in 1 (or 13 in 1) reader for my HP and it is really convenient to pull my SD card out of my camera or mini SD out of my phone to work with photos and such.

    EDIT: There is also a limitation with the WiFi on the camera in that it does not use WPA or WPA2, only WEP.

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