After Nikon shown its teaser footage of the new up and coming SLR (six days left), it's likely to replace the D70 lineup. There's been a positive speculation that it is to be the D80.

Some information here after Nikon Europe accidentally leaked the photographs:

Looks like I'm ready to step up to SLR. Please, cease Nikon vs Canon argument and for once, discuss openly.

It's almost identical to the D70s in most regards, except:

10 Megapixels, up from 6.

Works fine with old manual focus AI and AI-s lenses in A and M exposure modes. Tiny possibility it may also allow P and S exposure modes with manual lenses.

2.5" LCD, up from 2.0"

4.5 FPS, up from 3.

1/250 sync speed, down from 1/500.

Top panel illumination now switched on by twisting the power button, just like D200, D2X, etc. The D70 had a separate button. The D80 is an improvement.

Takes SD cards, not CF.

Rotary, not slider, viewfinder diopter control.

Slight rearrangement of buttons on rear.

Dedicated AF selection button on top of camera, a big improvement from D70 which required a menu to select between AF-S or AF-C.