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Thread: HELP: Uploading Video off of my Canon Powershot....

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    HELP: Uploading Video off of my Canon Powershot....
    I took video of a whole concert last night, and when I go to upload it to iphoto, it only uploads 1 of the 4 videos.....Can anyone explain how I can get all these videos on my mac?? Thank you!

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    Use iMovie, You will be able to import the video that way. Open iMovie and then connect the camera, it should allow you to then control the camera via- iMovie, and you should be able to pull your video.

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    You could also mount your SD-Card to the desktop using a card reader, then just hard-pull off your files.
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    I tend to use image capture and a card reader, since I have more than one memory stick for the camera.
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    ok guys, the files are now on my computer, but they will not play....They are .AVI files and all I get is a Quicktime Error message....they should play, considering I have other files from this concert already uploaded...

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    Final Cut will render .avi so that it can be exported as Quicktime. There are probably other apps that do the same, but I'm not sure. I'm surprised iMovie doesn't do it.

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