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    Replacing Colours in Illustrator
    I can't seem to make a logo in Illustrator 10 thats is quite complex (it has meshes, tints and gradients) mono (black). Everytime I place it into InDesign it still tells me that it has four process colours in it. I have tried to change as many colours as possible to just black but somewhere in this logo it is still CMYK. I give up looking. Can anyone tell me the easy way to solve this problem please please please?

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    You will have to change the color mode of the file in Illustrator. Just because you have the colors changed to black, doesn't mean that you have changed the color mode. After all K is Black in the CMYK mode. In essence, all you are doing is using only one color in the CMYK range. :black:

    I would assume that you are looking to create a grayscale image. To do this, you are going to have to go to your "Color" pallette and click the "Show Options" triangle to set your color pallette to Grayscale. Then you can highlight and change your colors in your logo design there, making sure that the color slider is always displaying Grayscale.


    You could also try changing the image in Photoshop if you have that installed.
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