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Thread: What is best option for damaged photos?..

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    What is best option for damaged photos?..
    What should I get to help me go way beyond iPhoto's touch uo tools? I have a portrait, for instance, that someone took a knife to. I can scan it and do limited touch up with iPhoto, but very limited. I know i must still wait on Adobe to get Photoshop for intel Mac but is there anything else that's as good or better?

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    304 can still download the adobe trial version.
    or use GIMP, the free "photoshop".

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    just install photoshop for cs2.... it runs fine on mine
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    or post the image on the forums.. i always love a good challenge.. (if its really as bad as you say it is)
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    If you can just get the photo reprinted or the original digital source. But of course if you can't, them I'm sure Photoshop is what most people would recommend. If money is an problem, then try the GIMP application which many people seem to like.

    Perhaps Photoshop Elements will be good enough. Anybody know?

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    Just a note about the GIMP...there is a re-written version floating around the web called MacGIMP, which the programmers are selling at a don't need it, you can download an OS X version from

    (BTW I've used it on PC and it's very good but a bit buggy...just about to try the OS X version...)

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    There is no reason why the current Photoshop wouldn't run on an Intel Mac.
    That is what Rosetta is for, despite a few people grumbling because its "slow" on Intels. It will run just fine, so if you have it load it on there. If you don't have it, then go for something like GIMP for free.
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