Are there apps out there that are like iPhoto but better? By better I mean that they can view images at variable zoom sizes, can organize images in various ways and can do rudimentary image editing, including resizing and cropping.

I am aware of many applications that do parts of this, but none that do all, with the exception of the two obvious choices, Photoshop and GIMP. Clearly Apple has a pretty good product in iPhoto. If only it would support (a) resizing and (b) image viewing at a fixed 100% zoom. Since it doesn't I am looking for alternatives.

I am looking for something smaller and easier to use than Photoshop or GIMP for just routine image viewing and organizing, with the occassional bit of editing thrown in. iPhoto is sooooo close, but not quite there.

Can anyone offer up some suggestions for a good image viewer/organizer/editor? Freeware is best, shareware next, commercial software dead last! Thanks!