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Thread: Photoshop vr.5 + CS2 upgrade?

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    Photoshop vr.5 + CS2 upgrade?
    so i dont have photoshop on my apple. but i need it. but i dont need to spend $650 on CS2 or PS vr.7

    so i was at the apple store the other day and i asked the girl in the software department if i could buy photoshop elements and the CS2 upgrade and just upgrade the PS elements. she said no. what i could do she said was to buy an old version of photoshop (for example photoshop 5) and upgrade that with the CS2 upgrade. i just have to make sure the copy i buy isnt registered on another computer, or else the upgrade wont work.

    is this possible? has anyone done this? what is the earliest version of photoshop that is available for OS X? is it vr.5?

    also, im running vr. 10.4.6. if i get software that was intended for lets say and earlier OS version will it still work? or will i need to install an older operating system?



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    If you are a college student, you may be eligible for a software discount with some stores. I got the CS2 package for $200.
    I believe the earliest version of Photoshop on Mac OS X was 7.0.
    I could be wrong, but I doubt that you are going to be able to make the jump from version 5 to CS2 with their upgrade discount.
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    CS2 package for 200?!?

    where? i would buy that today!

    is it the full CS2 package?

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