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    so i am new to Mac's, and i had PS elements on my PC but now that i have left that world behind me. leaving that world behind me i also left the PS elements there as well.

    my question is as follows:

    After i d/l GIMP, if i am not satisfied with it how easy is it to completly remove from my system?

    i know with my PC, even if you erase something it still hangs out in the depths of your memory.

    is this a stupid question?

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    Nope. It's that easy.

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    its pretty easy to remove from your system, just drag all the files that come with gimp into the trash. You can use spotlight to find anything that has the word gimp in it, then just empty the trash. If you are reallly wanting to delete it, you can do a secure empty trash, and that should really take care of it.

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    wow, i can see now why i bought a mac.

    thanks guys.

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