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Thread: New user needs help with image file management

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    May 02, 2006
    New user needs help with image file management
    Hi -

    I am a recent switcher. I've decided I do not want to use iPhoto
    for my image file management. I want a paradigm that is similar
    to the way I used to do it when I was on the PC.

    That is, I want to simply upload my images from the camera into
    PhotoShop, edit them, and then save them to folders. I have found
    out how to do this, no problem.

    But the missing piece for me is a File Browser program like I use to
    use with the PC. I used to use CompuPic Pro. All I used it for was
    a program to access the folders, generate thumbnails, and then open
    the image up, and allow simple manipulations like moving images
    or deleting them.

    Can you point me to a simple/good Image File Manager that will allow me
    to work with my images ? Or is there something like this in MAC OS X?

    thanks! Chris

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    I use adobe bride to browze through my images. If you do not already own it however it is not a cheap app.

    I am not sure if Picasa has a MAC OS version, however I have seen that and it works pretty well for this purpose. Best of all, if there is a MAC version it is free software.

    New servers, much faster than before

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    yeah i second bridge...

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    May 02, 2006
    Found it
    Thanks for your comments --

    I found a product that works perfectly. Cheap too at $35.
    Good service also. I had a question about a preference
    setting and they answered my e-mail within an hour.
    It is also a Universal Binary so it runs very fast on my Intel iMac.
    QPict by RL Developments --

    best, Chris

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    There is a zero cost option that works great as well. Mac's own humble Finder is a perfectly competent thumbnail browser and very fast as well. For basic viewing and simple editing, the included Preview app is outstanding. Just double click an image thumbnail in Finder and it brings it up in Preview. A nice set of stuff that works together well, and doesn't cost a thing - just more of the goodness Apple bakes into every Mac!
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