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Thread: photoshop tutorials for beginners

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    photoshop tutorials for beginners
    Hi there!

    Could someone please recommend a good photoshop tutorial or podcast?
    Im thinking about taking a basic course here in town but in the meantime Id like to familiarize myself with it and take it from there.Id like to play around with photos(cloning , etc) and make banners, etc.

    Thanks so much in advance! :-)

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    this site has over 10,000 tuts. from beginner to advanced

    have fun man

    i can also suggest just playing around with ps

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    i used a few years ago, it was a great site back then.
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    Get a good book! There are TONS of them out there. Personally, I would recommend "The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby. An enormously informative book. It is of course targeted at dealing with photographs, not at vector art and other things you can do with Photoshop. However, within this very large usage category, it is one of the best I have read. When you're ready, the next "must read" is "Photoshop CS Killer Tips" also by Kelby. There may be a revised "CS2" version of this book by now - I haven't looked.

    These books are all beautifully done on high quality paper with lots of color screen shots to demonstrate what he is talking about. I can't recommend them enough.
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    man you need to watch Photoshop TV avaliable as a podcast weekly i think. go to

    best thing love the photoshop guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chouk
    so the whole website is filled with tutorials of digital art and stuff for creative people

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    Quote Originally Posted by coltssaturday
    so the whole website is filled with tutorials of digital art and stuff for creative people
    you can browse the photoshop section if you only want photoshop tutorials. Well, that's usually my web reference when it comes to photoshopping.
    just sharing it out.

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