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    Downloading Images from a Camera (Help)
    I have a cannon powershot G5.
    Everytime i plug it into my imac G5 iPhoto springs up and wants me to download my images into the libarary.

    I don't particularly want to do this preferring to download my images into a folder of my chosing. I am relatively new to macs and have been struggling to find out how to turn off the iphoto action and instead how to download into a chosen folder. The software that came with the canon camera is for PC only, so i haven't even got the option of having canon software on my mac (bummer), as i really liked the software when it was on a PC. Can anyone help, or at least point me in the right direction.


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    i dont have no mac's
    go into your applications, open image capture, select preferences from menu bar, under the 'general tab' select 'no application'

    and yes it sux that you cant use cameras software sometimes but i have found that 1/2 the time i dont even use it

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    cheers fella
    but, just been on canon website and it appears they have brought outsoftware for my camera for a mac, back in business, cooool

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