I have iphoto 5.0.4 on a 1 year old powerbook 1.5GHZ with a maxed out 1.25GB Ram.
I do loads of photography with images from a 9MP camera. I use iphoto as a browser to pick out the best images, compare images, and such.
It seems very slow though compared to my older pc's and other mac's.
When going through images, it take a couple seconds for each image to finally optimize, unfragment, and is suitable to view.
This is way too long when going through hundreds of images and going back and fourth between images, which continue to take a bit of time to load.
I have maxed out my powerbook as much as possible; but I would think that a top end computer this new should be plenty fast to handle such images.
Is there anyway to increase the speed of viewing images? My PC is loads faster and is years older.
Maybe increase the cache or focus the cpu's attention all on iphoto?
thanks for the help