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    Some are thumbnails, some .jpg 'images'
    In Finder > Pictures > folder x(y,z) some images are shown as thumbnails before the filename, some as .jpg (see attachment).

    2nd question. I used renamer4mac to rename all my photos. The trouble is that when I open my iPhoto library the photos are still listed as (example.) P0986568765.jpg and if I try to print I get a blank page. Though in finder they are listed under the new names which I can open in Preview.
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    Click on your hard drive, then where you store your pictures, and then on the menu bar go to "view" then select "show view options" and it should bring you to the menu below: make sure "show icon preview" is checked. That should do it

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    It's all good.

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    Renaming photos
    thanks for the tip. It worked.
    I have to pick your brains again, if I may.
    I have renamed my photos using Renamer4Mac. In iPhotos I have the renamed names, but in HD>Pictures>iPhoto library they are still listed under their old 'nammes', ie: P0987654321.jpg
    See attachments. In Originals it's the same. The only renemed ones I see are those I renemed directly through iPhoto>'picture'>information
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