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BigBear 04-15-2006 08:26 PM

picking a canon....some help please
Ok, I'm gonna get a new digi cam and have narrowed it down to two, specifically the Canon SD500 or the Canon A620.
I'm kind of torn between the two and am leaning slightly toward the A620. I was hoping to get a little more input as I know there are some of you that have a Canon SD series camera.
The two camera's are fairly similar with the A620 providing a few more features. The thing that draws me to the A620 is the rotating lcd screen; something that I've always liked as it's a feature on my current Nikon. It allows for some interesting shots.
My main concerns when I went to play around with the camera's today at Best Buy was the size of the A620. It's considerably bigger/not as sleek as the SD500.
The main draw to the SD500 is the size.
I'm under the impression that the smaller the camera is, the more apt I am to take it with me and take more pictures. I was hoping to get something a little more pocketsized...I'm just kind of torn between the two and was hoping for some input.

Here's a link to them on DPReview

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sarahsboy18 04-16-2006 04:15 AM

To me the it seems like the feature improvements on the A620 just don't justify it being twice as thick and weighing half as much more than the SD500. 2mm wider and 29mm longer just isn't much of a zoom difference... and the other differences really aren't substancial.

I mean... If I was getting a compact digital I would want it to actually be compact... Easy to carry around with me and capture moments with. If I wanted something bulky but full featured I'd get another SLR.

MJGUK 04-16-2006 08:44 AM

I agree with Sarahsboy.

If you want a compact, I think you should stick to something truely 'compact', much like an IXUS series camera. I have an IXUS 40, which is a very good camera and it is truely compact.....But it's not a pro camera. It's a camera which fits in any pocket, without barely even feeling it's presence and is highly useful for taking out on a daily basis.

Personally now though, I'm looking at getting a more professional camera for other purposes too. I'm getting into landscape photography a bit and so I'd want something specific for those needs, size will happily be compromised.

So I think you need to decide what you require.....Compact or Pro and then choose accordingly.

UncSki1218 04-16-2006 06:08 PM

considering what you said i would get the sd 500. it doesnt seem like your doing any pro photography and thats a great camera. my friend just got the sd 550 and its really sleak and cool.

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