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    Quote Originally Posted by scottwdw
    iPhoto 6 was announced at the same time as the MBPs so you should have iLife '06. Make sure you do a software update to get the latest versions.

    I'm not sure where the option is to leave your originals in their locations...check iPhoto's preferences? I'm at work without my PB so I can't pull it up and Apple's iPhoto areas doesn't mention it. :biohazard
    Thanks, I'll check out the preferenes option when, I too, get home from work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macAttack
    doesn't CS have the photo bridge? doesn't that do what iphoto does?
    Photoshop CS/CS2 does not automatically come with Bridge. Bridge is a seperate program that does come if you buy one of the suites.

    I use bridge to sort images on my system, love it. Shows full size RAW previews as large as you want them. Apples Aperture and Adobe's new Light Room (or is it light table?) which is in beta testing both also do this.

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