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    Cant backup my new iLife O6
    It said it was too big to put on a regular DVD of 4.7 GB and the iLife is 6.2 GB. I tried using Popcorn to compress it but it didnt recognize it.

    I used the disk utility image to burn and it gave me the above error message of being to big. It said I could delete some folders, but I couldnt open it to show me all of the folders in the DVd. If push come to shove, I dont plan to use for now the iWeb feature .

    Any ideas to do a backup ?

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    popcorn can only compress video. it decreases the quality of the video until the filesize will fit.

    I think the only way of backing up iLife is with a DL disc
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    i dont have no mac's
    your computer didnt come with the ilife 06 disks or any way to install them?
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    The ilife 06 is an upgrade, it didnt come w/ the computer, iLife 05 came with my computer.

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