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    Jul 27, 2005
    I took the plunge and upgraded to iLife 06
    I havent had a chance to play w/it but the salesguy gave me a brief demonstration.

    I liked the comparision pics feature in iphoto and where you can actually compare 6 photos side to side. It will be cool when you take several pictures of the same subject and compare which one came out the best.

    Also, I like the new theme feature of iMovie similiar to IDVD for transitions , although I am not sure how I will use that feature. But if I understand it , it looks like it can be pretty amazing.

    There is a garageband feature of scoring your iMovie but I never used garageband and the sales guys didnt have time on how it could be used. That could be useful.

    Anyone purchased iLife 06 and can share what they like about it?

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    Haha...I'm the person who does those sales demos. Well, I usually show people how easy it is to do stuff. The features I like is iMovie's new themes and iDVD's use of Widescreen format. Also, iPhoto is great for calendars. Off the top of my head.

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    Jul 27, 2005
    Nice write up in the link.
    Does anyone know if new tutorials for iLife 06 have been provided? I like the DVD training tapes, that shows advanced techiques.

    I went to the Apple web site and they have a good, although basic tutorial on iLife 06, at least you can see some of the new features. I know that Jim Heid is coming out with a new book that comes w/ a DVD.

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