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    Smile changing file type?
    Is there a way I can change many (at least 100) photos from .JPEG to .TIFF all at once? I realllllly don't want to have to do them one by one.. there has got to be a way!

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    you can use automator to do it with photoshop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerBookG4
    you can use automator to do it with photoshop.

    can you talk me through it a bit? photoshop isn't showing up under applications, even thought it's in my applications folder.

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    Are you scared of the command line?

    If not ImageMagick rules!

    mogrify -format tiff -compress lzw <path to files>/*.jpg

    EDIT changed png to tiff.

    EDIT2: NM, maybe not a wise route. mogrify did not convert correctly to TIFF in my quick test. Drat.

    EDIT3: I refused to give up. mogrify -format tiff -compress lzw <path to files>/*.jpg works. (I also changed it above.)

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    *I'm doing this from work, I work on a PC, so this won't be exact, but you'll be able to figure out the gaps and name mistakes*

    Right Click the Desktop.
    From the popup menu, highlight "Automator" (it will slide out)
    Click "Make New Automator Action"
    Automator will open.
    Delete the action on the right, it's the only one.
    Click "Finder" on the far left, to see all of Finder's actions.
    You need to find "Get selected Finder Items"
    Drag it over to the right side of the window.
    Now find "Preview" on the left.
    You're looking for "Convert file to..." (or something close)
    Drag it to the right side.
    File>Save as Automator Action, it's the default so don't change anything...
    Name it "Conversion" or whatever.

    Now, select/highlight all of files you want to convert, right click one of them (still with all of them highlighted) and go down to "Automator">"WhateverYouNamedIT".

    This should start the workflow and it will probably take a while to do 100+.

    Sorry for the inclarity, but like I said, I'm at work...on a PC. Ugh..

    It would be easy to do it in the command line, but if Kokapelli's command were to be interrupted by something (Terminal quitting or whatever), you'd corrupt most of those files. If you don't have Tiger, this may be your only choice however...
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