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Thread: CS Slowness with Intel Macs?

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    CS Slowness with Intel Macs?
    Does anyone who has an Intel Mac notice slowness when using InDesign or Photoshop? I have heard that since they're not native, that they severely lag on the new chipset. Has anyone experienced this?

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    I do not have an itel imac but under rosetta applications will run 30-40% slower.. If you already have an itel imac and are looking into buying CS2 I would recomend waiting until they release a univeral binary version.
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    It does seem a little slow, although not too slow.

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    omg, it is slow, it takes me about 5 minutes to load the presets. so now i guess i kno its not universal, lol , i was wondering why it was so slow, i have 8.0

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