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    Homemade reflector thingy.....
    well no matter how i setup my flash even with a built in light meter it always seems to be far too bright, so i have tried to make a reflector type thingy for it (not exactly sure what it is) but i was wondering if there is any other tried and tested methods for reducing the flash brightness without having to go and actully buy something, thanks

    (pic of my attempt so far)

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    What your attempting to build is a defuser, whose job is to difuse the light. Try cutting the bottom from a plastic bottle (not clear the non-see through type foggy) tape that to it.

    Do you have a way of adjusting the flash output either in camera or on the flash itself? It would say something like -1/3ev when you pressed a button on the back of your flash unit if it does have that capability.

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    milk jugs work great for that

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