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Thread: Start up issues

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    Start up issues
    A few days ago when I turn on my Mac my Mail and BusyCal open up. They never have before. I do not have options set at "open at login" in the dock setting. i don't want them opening at start up. I will be the one to decide when they open.

    Also the icons I have on my desktop are all moved to the right side. I have it set to 'none' in the 'sort by' menu. And I like some of them on the left, top middle and right side. I do not want all of them on the right, all mixed up or by name or whatever. I want to arrange them This does not happen everytime I power up, only sporadically.

    I don't remember changing any settings or downloading any thing new.

    Any suggestions on how I can take back control would be appreciated.


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    Your comment and experience of "This does not happen everytime I power up, only sporadically." makes such a problem hard to resolve.

    For login items, check your Accounts System Prefs for what login items are listed.

    Maybe just leave your Mac running and set your Energy System Prefs to something that suits you, and save all the startups that seems to cause your problem. Computers don't really like to be continually shut down and rebooted.

    I don't know why one's desktop icons sometimes move to new locations and I used to have the same problem occasionally with the early OS X versions.

    If I recall, there is/was a utility that remembered all your icon placement settings but I can't recall its name. Sorry. But obviously created for those who suffer the unwanted icon moving whatever causes it.

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    Thanks pm-r. I checked the login preferences and none are even listed.

    Perhaps what you say about shutting down frequently could be the issue as I do that 2 or 3 times/day. I will do as you suggested.

    Thanks again. I always marvel that even though we think we're the ones in charge....alas, we're not

    Have a great day!!

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    If these apps are left open when you shut down, they will re-open when you boot. Make sure you do actually use the 'Quit' command and not simply click the red button which merely closes the window and not the program.
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